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Princess of the Night by CobaltStratos
Princess of the Night
This was a color theory homework assignment dealing with complementary colors, but I got carried away with the image! :rofl: Oh, well.:XD: LOL

I did this drawing in about 1 day, using my tablet and Photoshop elements 10. This was kinda of a speed painting, which is why it's so...messy on the strokes. But I do like the way the clouds turned out.
Perhaps I'll go back and re-color it. It was, after all, a color project. So the 'real' colors that I wanted to use wasn't apart of the assignment. ^^; Ya know what I mean?

:iconnotforuseplz::iconnotforuse2plz:Please, do NOT use this image for ANY reason!! YOU MUST ASK ME TO USE THIS IMAGE!!!!! Even an inspiration MUST have my name in the commentary!:iconanimefaceplz:
I'm taking art theft more seriously, which is why I've placed my signature on it.>8C Regardless of the displacement of my signature being there!
Lumina Skies - Commission by CobaltStratos
Lumina Skies - Commission
This is a commission for luminaSkies and her OC pegasus pony gazing into the night sky while painting under the full moon.

All drawn free handed using a tablet and GIMP 2.8. I even designed her OC pony her cutie mark.;p

:new: This art is available for sell on many different kinds of prints on different medias, (without the paints and easel)!

It come on PC covers, T-shirts, coffee mugs, hand bags, and much much more!!

Come check it our here!…
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Hello, to all that is reading this.

I just read DevienatArt's journal/article regarding Art Thieves, which can be read on this link: The Art Theft Discussion
This is what I wrote in the commentary section that I thought my viewers should read, if they'd like. Commentary is ok, but please limit cursing. Thank you in advance.

"When I read this article I noticed that it doesn't have a clear statement on any of it's topics; The fuzzy line that separates all of these topics/categories only counteract one another with too many loop-holes to get out of a situation that the person(s) in questions KNOW what's coming to them. 

In the end to everything that humans do, we do KNOWINGLY.</u>
A 'thief' or 'copy-cat' cannot tell me that they "didn't know that it was wrong".:icontrollfaceplz: 
I know what I'm drawing is MY ORIGINAL designs, just as clearly as I KNOW what I draw is FAN ART or FAN BASED. Either you made it up on 'on your own' or you didn't. PERIOD. Confessing about the art not being your own creation is the BEST thing to do. I always appreciate it most when people confess and at least say where it came from or a link to where they found it, ext. Even if your learning in the process, please tell us!

After reading the comments above, I do agree that this article should have been given more time in development and, of course, it really should have used DA's own 'terms of use' and examples of situations from past users and it's outcomes; That part would at least give DA users an idea on what to do if this or that happens. DA needs to step-up a little more on protecting it's users and giving more disciplinary action for those who break the 'terms of use'. If the 'terms of use' is the rules and guidelines for using DeviantArt, then USE IT! :iconffffplz: 

All I can say for the artist on DA, and elsewhere, is to at least place your signature/name, watermark, or personal stamp on your artwork or literature somewhere for people to see/read. I know that people have the programs to 'erase' or 'cover up' watermarks and signatures, but the fact that you put it there in the first place is the best thing to do to cover-your-own-ass in the fight for your rights and protection of your artwork. Putting my signature on my art is what I do, and even though I still find my art posted on Facebook and other places, my signature is still there. I place 2 markers; one is very visible, and the second marker is somewhat 'hidden' in the art. That way, they would have to dramatically alter the image in order to cover-it-up.:evillaugh: ~bitches"

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